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Your Architect
If you have selected an architect for your project we will work closely with them to ensure that your project is built to the agreed specification.
We understand that a good relationship between your builder and your architect is important to the overall outcome of your project. We will therefore be diligent in meeting our responsibilities in this relationship.

Domestic works can be be complicated and sometimes unforeseen problems can arise. We will call upon our experience and work with your architect to resolve problems. If we believe that we can assist your architect in finding a more cost effective, quality resolution to a problem, then we will voice our opinions in a helpful manner.

Compasssmaller1Our Architect
If you haven’t yet selected your architect then we can help. After many years of working with architects across the “Three Counties” we have our preferences for those that provide a quality service at a reasonable cost and will happily recommend them to you.

Your Choice
Some customers prefer to select and manage their own architects, others prefer that we manage the architect’s work, thus providing a complete “Project Managed” solution. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to do either and will gladly talk through the pros and cons of each with you. If you would like to discuss this or any other element of your plans, please contact us


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